A Baby-Led Adventure

I promised myself that I would wait until six months to give Maggie solid foods. So we start Saturday!! It's been difficult to wait actually. She's quite the little pig and I went through a time where I didn't feel like I could produce enough to satisfy her. Thankfully, we got past that and are doing... Continue Reading →

Daily Routine with a Baby

Let's face it, life is never going to be the same after having a baby. Everything takes at least twice as long as before and sometimes need to be redone because the baby gets into it right after you've cleaned it! I've finally been able to get into a somewhat regular routine with Maggie now... Continue Reading →

Laura & Kailee

I am working on my photography skills (and Photoshop, haha), so I've been looking for opportunities to practice. Recently, my sister-in-law agreed to a mother-daughter photo shoot for Mother's Day. I now have experience capturing a four-year-old, and was that ever difficult! It probably didn't help that the boys and dogs were playing in the yard... Continue Reading →

The Truth about Motherhood

Being a mom isn't glamorous. It's easy to look like you've got it all together in pictures, but the truth is that we struggle. We all need coffee and Jesus to make it in the morning. It's everything you see in movies and more. The baby cries a lot, spits up on my third shirt... Continue Reading →

How to Thrift like a Boss

Most of my friends understand my obsession with thrifting. I blame my mother; we shopped Goodwill and rummage sales when I was young and it wasn't yet popular. I continued my love of finding cheap treasures through high school and college, and now I consider myself a semi-pro. I don't even remember when I got these mugs,... Continue Reading →

Maintaining a Life of Adventure with a Baby

 Bear and I are adventurous people. We get restless and crave outings. We've flown, cruised, road-tripped, ridden scooters in Mexico, snorkled, surfed, dirtbiked, rocked out at concerts, pulled all-nighters, gone cliff-diving, kayaked, camped, hiked, swam in waterfalls...needless to say, we've only been together five years, but they have been plenty of fun. Before we had Maggie,... Continue Reading →

Dear Maggie, You Are Not Perfect

Sweet girl, you are four months old now. You're changing and developing so quickly; I know someday soon I will look back on these days as just distant memories. You're growing up too fast and I pray I can guide you to grow up into a beautiful person. But darling, let's get something straight. You... Continue Reading →

Confidence in Uncertain Times

Less than a hundred miles away from our home, people have no clean water to drink. Children around the country have been drinking water with unsafe lead levels for years. How could this happen in our own nation? Will we ever all have what we need? Our presidential candidacy race is like a bad dream.... Continue Reading →

Pompano Beach Vacation

I got to take my new Nikon D3200 to Florida for our big family vacation last week and LOVED it. I'm still figuring it out, of course, and still have no idea what I'm doing, but it is awesome to have something that can take better pictures than my iPhone. This trip was a bunch... Continue Reading →

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